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Cancellation of 5 months Old Order and Delivery accepted automatically



Dear Fiverr Expert Sellers
I want guidances related to false accusation,
here is the story:

I have completed my order and properly delivered my work on time
as buyer didn;t responded to my delivery, order is automatically accepted and marked as completed.

after that buyer were asking me more which was not included in initial agreement.
I told her i will charge for it and it is not included.
she ask customer support to cancel all the orders
and customer support cancelled all the orders with out giving me any opportunity.
when i ask customer support and the decision is wronge and  its a false accusations by the buyer.
customer support told me the decision is irreversible and the amount is refunded.

I feel very disappointed and discouragement on this act.

I want expert guidance.

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I have exact same situation on this October 2023.
and Fiverr responded same like they are saying they have investigated and the concluded that the delivered work is useless for buyer and thats why buyer requested to cancell the order,
I was extremely surprised that i am highly quality professional person and I have more than 8 years of experience in my field,
my buyer was not belongs to my profession infact she doesn't know any thing i guided her for 5 months and putting efforts, she buy two orders from me because of good performance but at the end she was asking more which was not included in the initial agreement, and when i told her this is extra work and i will charge for it, she cancelled all previous orders which was completed.

fiverr does not gave me any warning, no notification, no email nothing, and fiverr refunded 264$ to the buyer.
when i discuss this with the buyer she told me i should be paid only half of the amount.
then i asked fiverr to pay me atleast half money, i send them screenshots of the buyer messages.

but fiverr told me the decision is irreversible and they cannot do anything.

i am extremely frustrated with the fiverr attitude.
Fiverr always supports buyer.

and  customer support told me they have a right to cancel the orders anytime without giving any warning or notice to sellers.
i mean what kind of policies is that.
if seller does not feel safe and secure?
how seller will work and how sellers will encourage other person to join fiverr?
Fiverr should only believe on evidences provided by the sellers or buyers. instead of investigating the matter and making the decisions on one sided only. it is highly recommended to fiverr , if there is any dispute raised between buyer and seller, fiverr should give specific time period to resolve this matter and provide the evidences.
I always write the requirement of the seller when making custom order so that when there is any dispute between seller and buyer, it will help customer support to make informed and fact based decision.
but in my case, customer supports makes the decision in buyers favor's.

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