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Hello friends,


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Hope all is well with all.

Am new on fiverr. I have settled my profile, gigs are shared. getting inspirations, but failed to get any order. Will any one of experts will go through my profile and can point out if any deficiency or discrepancy is remaining there.

Will be grateful for kind act of this.


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Hi @ccornoer, Welcome to Fiverr and the forum!

I just wanted to let you know that Fiverr is just like any other business - it takes time to grow and get orders. You just started this month. Many sellers don't get their first order for weeks, sometimes even months. How well you build up your profile will often determine how well you can gain visibility in search. I was also a new seller last year with many of the same services as you (proofreading, editing, writing, data entry, and virtual assisting).

The content on Fiverr's Help Center helped me to structure and grow my account from New Seller to Level 2. 


The forum helped me to grow my business even further, to Top Rated Seller. If I have problems or questions, I often search for answers on the forum (which is more effective than simply asking for help). No one knows your business better than you do, and what works for one seller may not work for another. There's a lot of testing, monitoring, changing, and more testing involved when trying to grow one's business.

With that being said, we all start somewhere. My first gigs were terrible, but they got better over time. I did take a look at your gigs and suggest that you read the Help Center link above to improve your gigs. Please also read the ToS, because you are offering to write academic content, which is against Fiverr's ToS.


Fiverr also requires that your gigs be unique and different from each other. You offer scanning, PDF conversion, and scanning + PDF conversion. These services are the same. Your gig images also are identical, so buyers won't be able to tell the difference between all of your gigs. Buyers also won't know what services you are offering when they view your gigs in search. You should have a relevant image and 1-5 words that clearly describe your services. 

I would also question if some of your services are even needed. How will you scan documents for your clients? How will they send the files to you? By scan?

Also, there are a lot of free software that will convert files to PDF. In order to convince buyers to place orders, you will need to convince them that they need your services.

Please note that I also offer PDF conversion, data entry, proofreading, and virtual assistance. However, I identified my target buyers and found ways to tailor my services specifically to them. There are ways to make simple services appealing to your buyers.

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