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I'm Bored! Give me some work today!


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wow…I am going on 7 days with no work. What happened? I have perfect feedback, and the only order I have in the last 7 days was 5 days ago, and they never submitted their info for me to finish the work. This all started when I updated my gigs with fiverr’s new ‘feature’ for searching gigs. I seriously am on fiverr 5-10 times a day, I am active here in the forum, and I also submit to 10 gig requests a day. My response time to buyers averages about 2 hours. I can’t spend this much time here anymore when I am not getting sales. Anyone have any suggestions? (besides the obvious - promoting on social networks, etc.)


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Check My Gigs.

Interesting Gigs


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Don't spam the forums. Please help keep them clean, put your Gig Promotions in the MY FIVERR GIGS section. Moved.
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