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Advice for Fiverr start ups!


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High all, I myself set up my fiverr account around a month ago and in the last two weeks have begun selling my gigs. Recently i got promoted to a level 1 seller so now i would like to offer some advice as someone who has been there not too long ago!

At first i was sceptical that i was ever going to get any sales on my gigs, but after looking around a bit and updating my gigs a little, i have now begun selling plenty of gigs.

My advice is this:

  1. Be patient! All it takes is a little bit of time to get your first order; once you have got a positive review you will see a rise in the number of customers that come to your service!

  2. Find your strengths! Find something you are really good at in order to get positive reviews! Work to your strengths, it is better to have one gig that you are extremely good at than five gigs where you are not fully accomplished at what you are offering. Quality, not quantity, should always be key when you are setting up your gigs.

  3. Produce your highest quality work, and offer great service to buyers! Satisfied buyers are more likely to come back. If you produce a top quality product and offer them great service they are likely to be loyal to you as a seller and come back for more.

  4. Don’t let anyone bully you! Already on fiverr, i have been bullied by a buyer. Simply put, do not let this happen to you! If you have proof that they are bullying you into producing more than your gig states, i.e threatening to write a poor review unless you produce more than was initially stated, first request a mutual cancellation and then contact the support team.

  5. Be detailed about your gig. What does your gig include? Be very specific about what your gig includes - if customers know what they are getting they are more likely to buy your service. For example, if you are writing content, how many words does your gig include? 300? 500? Make sure potential buyers are aware of what your package will give them.

  6. If you are unsure, ask! Communication between seller and buyer is absolutely key! Your seller needs to know when you are starting on the gig - a simple message saying ‘Thanks for the order, i will start work on your gig now’ is great - the buyer will not worry about whether you will meet your order before the deadline, and if there is anything you are unsure about you should always ask exactly what they expect in order to give them the best product possible.

    I hope this will help any newcomers as i have gone through the whole start-up process myself not too long ago and i thought i would share my experience. Most of all, enjoy fiverr and good luck!


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