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Okay gig impression is like when people see your gig when they search on Fiverr and a new gig can be created today and have an impression tomorrow that's it. As far as your gig can be seen it click on when looking for a service on Fiverr. So to increase your impression you can try promoting your gig on social media so people see it and check your gig out and your impression will start rising trust me. I hope I answered your question well. 

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11 hours ago, sujonaziz731 said:

I have one order running on my gig. In the meantime, I want to delete my another gig.

For this reason is it any bad effect on my impression? 
If you have real experience please give me suggestions!

Depends on why you want to delete it. If you want to make a new gig, because you no longer want to offer what the old gig offered, then delete. If you're just posting the same service, then editing your gig is a better method.

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