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Check your stars!


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So I received my first 4.5 star rating a couple of days back…cried a little inside and moved on…to receive another 4.5 stars… I was a little baffled because I worked pretty hard on the two orders I completed and well it was my first less than 5, but I accepted it.

Yesterday I was looking at my gig portfolio pictures and noticed the quote on the gig portfolio for the 4.5 star orders was different than the quote on the rating down below. It was a generic Outstanding and below it showed Good Experience. I thought that was weird so I contacted support to see if maybe there was something wrong with the portfolio or wrong with the rating. Support got back to me, said they fixed it and lo and behold 5 pretty little stars.

I’ve also seen a lot of sellers, top sellers and such, receiving these 4.5’s, makes me wonder if there is something wrong with the system. Anyone else experience this?

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