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Nothing left for old, good fiverr


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so, finally got an answer why my gigs are not visible to the others. fiverr “preventing community against my services” im selling addmefast accounts and addmefast bot created in my own. If you dont know, addmefast ist biggest site sending million of fakes through all social sites.

But it is not a secret, addmefast paying big money to fiverr to remove gigs like mine.

Fiverr today is old fragglesrock which anyone can buy.

youtube, facebook, twitter does not pay them yet, so anyone can send fake views likes and followers to this sites. is not against rules.

they called themselves family friendly site. type word" sex"in their search tab.

u will see gigs presnts here for yeARS.

sending photos of feets to the fetishists

holding sign with your name being fragglesrock or almost fragglesrock

sexy dance video, almost fragglesrock

sendimg video of me taking a bath

Those gigs are here for ages. still alive

very family friendly site

its old fragglesrock which anyone can buy for a money.

anything left from oldfashion fiverr.

took my money and get out of here - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/comment/168616#Comment_168616

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