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I haven’t had any experiences with competitors pulling any kind of shady moves – in my experience, there’s enough work to go around and everyone is very welcoming and community-minded.

I have had experiences with nasty buyers, though, who have accused me of similar (using a machine or program to do my work proofreading work - entirely not the case).

It’s ridiculously frustrating, but unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do except keep having faith in your abilities (and cancelling any future orders that person may make). If you’re good at what you do and develop good relationships with the clients you have and the people who message you with interest in your services, one bad review from a cranky buyer won’t ruin things. A lot of the time their wording in the feedback gives away their bad attitude, and we are blessed with being able to have the last word by leaving our story.

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I can’t blame you for being skeptical. So many scams happening on fiverr that a seller has to be careful. I would keep an eye on the delivery clock (don’t wait till the last minute to take action). If he used the modification button, you will have to deliver again.

I once had a client who put in for a modification and asked me to do something that was not in the gig and worse, he asked me to do something that I did not have the ability to do.

So I delivered again to remove the modification status, but immediately after delivery, I put in for a mutual cancellation. I knew it was useless to try to meet the customers demands, especially since I couldn’t, so I felt my only choose was to cancel.

Good luck

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