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Vape Pen Design (Etch, Vinyl, Not Sure Where to Start)



Hey guys, glad to be back to Fiverr.  This is a badass concept that empowers freelance design and I am all about it.

A friend of mine makes THC vaporizer pens.  Attached is an image of a typical vape pen (the plain black one is most similar to his).  They are generally made of plastic or aluminum.  At this time, he is printing out labels and sticking them onto the vape pen.  Despite having an excellent product in terms of quality, the labels make the product look very cheap, very homemade.  I would like to present him with a better solution.  The solution has to be somewhat inexpensive, and the implementation of the designs needs to be flexible; different strains/flavors would require slight modifications in the labeling, there are about 10 variations total.

Many of the mainstream products have designs that appear to be printed or powder coated onto the device.  The labels don't rub off.  Kind of like brail or some type of 3D inked characters.  Some appear to have some type of label on them, but then have been dipped into some type of clear coat so the final product is a smooth professional appearance.  

Any ideas on how a small, from the garage type startup, can get something similar?  How do we get the appearance of something printed onto this metal surface?  Maybe vinyl wrapping?  Maybe something where you put a rectangle sticker on the device, and when it peels off, it leaves the logo/flavor design on it, then you hit it with a heat gun to make it permanently adhere to the surface?  Maybe a more complex process gets done off site to label the pens with the branding info, and then he does a more simple process with the flavor designation at home?  

Attached are some different vape pens.  The ELFBAR pen has the brail type branding that would be really cool to do.

Or do we just need to solve this with boxes/packaging that is customized, and all the pens just are blank?

Help please.  Thanks!

San Antonio TX



2023-10-08 15_08_20-elfbar bc5000 - Google Search.png

2023-10-08 15_08_57-vape pen - Google Search.png

2023-10-08 15_09_35-vape pen - Google Search.png

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I feel your friend's pain in wanting to make those vape pens look cooler without spending too much. I use the Air Bar AB10000 disposable vape, and it looks sleek. Could your friend try screen printing or pad printing for the logos? It's usually pretty, not too pricey, and looks great on metal. Also, putting a clear coat over stickers can make them look more finished and professional.

He could screen print the primary logo and then use the precise coat method for the flavor variations. This could keep it flexible but still upscale the overall look. I'd like to check them out once they're all spruced up!

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