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Regarding the order order cancellation reviews


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Hi, this is my honest opinion regarding the new order cancellation review feature.

Imagine If a particular seller wanted to push down a rival seller in the same category,
  What he would do
🔴 Before this feature - He would just place an order with another account and cancel the order for no reason - so the rival seller might get affected with multiple cancellations.

🔴 after introducing this feature - He would be able to not only cancel but also be able write a bad & bias review.


solution 01 - if any suspicious customer with many cancellations / low completion rate - flag them or have a mandatory CS involvement in future cancellations.


 what if he is using multiple accounts and attacking a rival seller?


Solution 2 - if a particular seller is getting multiple suspicious cancellations with bad reviews in a short time period - CS involvement to investigate


🔴 Ultimate Solution-  


❤️01. enabling the order confirmation button for all sellers (regardless of seller plus feature ). 

❤️02. New option to show a preview  ( with or without paying a fee / 5 % of the price ).

Once the customer happy and agrees to the preview, they can place an order / accept the offer - but can not cancel the order without a valid reason .


(Those solutions are based on my selling category which is portrait drawing, and another problem is the Usage of watermark removal AI tools by customers for delivered files and enhancement with AI after removing watermarks and runs away with a cancellation 😢)

Please let me know your opinions and solutions for these problems 🙏

Kind regurds


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