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On 9/27/2023 at 11:50 PM, towfeka_benta said:

How to rise gig impression?

I cannot see anything on your profile means you have not created any gig then what exactly you are asking and why?

Without gigs, you cannot see any progress on your account. Impressions are usually related to your gigs which unfortunately you don't have any..

Answer to your question: No Social Media Platform (there should be another option: None of the Above) 

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12 hours ago, mohammedrash916 said:

5. Use buyer requests

Do you even know the status on Buyer Requests? Even though you have been on Fiverr since November 2018? Are you able to see/use Buyer Requests? Buyer Request is no more on Fiverr but we have Get Briefs feature now.

12 hours ago, mohammedrash916 said:

6. Stay active

Staying active/online has nothing to do with gig rank. It's an useless advice.

P.S. I will encourage you to do research and get knowledge first about Fiverr's new updates via Forum Topics!


12 hours ago, towfeka_benta said:

HOW to grow gig rank

Please create gigs first then ask your questions, not before that. 🙏

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