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14 minutes ago, vickieito said:

I hope you meant "impressions and clicks" not "impressions and likes." The "hearts" you get is only an organizational tool for buyers. It doesn't affect your impressions.

You can follow the same instructions I gave @sarakhhan0987. ⬇️

@sarakhhan0987 - whenever you make changes, monitor how your gigs perform in the next week or two. Then make any necessary adjustments.

This is more than enough to get orders. I still got orders with 40 impressions and 5 clicks (but have a high conversion rate). If you aren't getting orders, you need to find other ways to convince your buyers to place an order. Take a look at everything - how you structure your packages, your FAQs, portfolio samples, gig description, title, tags, etc.

Thanks for your information. I want Overall suggestions.


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I am new seller not know what should i do every one say your gigs is not too much good i am really disappointed because i work hard for my gigs and try my best i did my all efforts although i have 1 year old baby i also take care of him alone,as well as huge responsibility of home,in such a busy life i work hard  but don't know why my gigs are not good why i didn't receive any order?

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