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On 10/5/2023 at 5:17 AM, sarakhhan0987 said:

hey there i am sara Zeeshan i am new on fiver how can i receive order??

  • Do thorough research on the platform about categories, services and skills
  • Read the TOS https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service
  • Research and understand about the creation of 'gigs'
  • Create a professional gig which offers unique service and business value to the buyers

Do not create multiple posts asking for orders, that's not how it works or will help you. 


PS Doing academic assignments on Fiverr is prohibited. Check your bio.

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25 minutes ago, sarakhhan0987 said:

I publish my gig but it have no reviews how i get first order please anyone can help me I just need it.

Why not read & implement the advice given to you on your own thread yesterday?? 

Instead of starting a new one with same question everyday!!! 

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5 minutes ago, sarakhhan0987 said:

Thanks dear 

But why?

It's not too good??

Your gigs are basically the same just from the look of it, that's not good to start with. What you offer perhaps could get you some orders before but I'm not sure selling just neat handwriting will help. 

Try to think out of the box. 

More gigs generally might boost your chance at getting orders but ONLY if they offer something with real value. If you are only good at one thing, that's totally fine - but you need to be able to market it well (and it has to be something a lot of people want, too.)

Look at your profile as if you were a client. 

Would you buy from yourself?

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9 hours ago, sarakhhan0987 said:

Hey everyone

I am new on fiver..

Would any body see my gig and tell me that my gigs are good or not??

Please advise 


Check other sellers, Find some new services which is not giving other sellers. And the price? Offer very low prrice. From me, Buyers focus on prices. You can follow this method.



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Hey welcome! I'm new too, but i have been doing lot's of research before jumping on this wagon, and apart this advice...

1 hour ago, mark_galib said:

Make seo friendly gig title. 

Gig image seo.

Chose low competitive keyword. 

Finally gig marketing to various social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, linkedin, pinterest,Twitter Etc.

I would highly recommend to follow other fiver "Top-Rated" "Best Sellers" "2nd level sellers" in your service niche and follow what they do. Good luck.

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I checked out your gigs and found them interesting. However, I think you could benefit from using more visually appealing gig images. One of your gig videos looks good and interesting, but I believe the video quality could be improved to grab more attention.

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I'm also new, and aside from the SEO thing, I'm still figuring it out.
The best pieces of advice that I can give:

  1. See second-level freelancers, even beginner-level freelancers with high sales and reviews; what worked for them probably would work for you.
  2. Fill out the profile, and don't leave any bold spots; if you're a client, you would probably choose the freelancer with more data on the profile, especially a diverse set of gigs (some clients think they will be back, so they choose the one that can be a wildcard freelancer).
  3. NEVER, EVER, EVER follow the top-rated freelancers. It's like you're a beginner football player who thinks he will be international if he copies Messi or CR7 moves.
  4. Constantly update according to changes.
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3 hours ago, web_keedo said:

1. Make 5 Low competitor Gigs and 1 main gig.

2. Offer less price to get some reviews.

3. Market your fivver business on everywhere without doing marketing you cant do well.

4. Do some gig exchange but always follow and respect fivver policies.

5. Most difficult part is getting first 5 clients, after that its littile bit easy so be paitient 

@web_keedo, please explain more about the "Low competitor Gigs and one main gig."

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