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Should your resume be vertical or horizontal?


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Probably the top one when it's going to a person (printed), probably the bottom one when it's going to a website (uploaded).

Top one looks more professional and make a better impression with a person, but the bottom one will be more machine-readable so more data will get through correctly.

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3 hours ago, newsmike said:

Those are both vertical. 

OP meant to say that there are 2 formats of resume. 1st one has 2 panels i.e. left and right where the text content are placed vertically (mostly)  and the 2nd picture indicates the resume with the text placement in horizontal format.


3 hours ago, observer__ said:

Well, there are two kinds of resume. One is divided into left and right columns, and the other is horizontal. Generally speaking, which is better

Well as a Graphic Designer, I would prefer the first format which looks more unique and professional but it all depends on the content that how much do you have it. 2nd resume is very simple and not much attractive.

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