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What are the benefits of being fiverr active?



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There are some rules in Fiverr 

  • Active more to rank your profile fast
  • when you active more Fiverr will notify you as a active seller(then your impression & click will increase more)
  • give a Attractive GIG Image . (An image talks thousand words)

Follow those thing I hope your would increase more imp. & click's💘

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8 minutes ago, filipdevaere said:

Let me take away the confusion:

Check what a Fiverr Staff member posted on September 25, 2023.


And another Fiverr Staff member on October 08, 2023.



Only if you or a few of us could RETWEET these posts or even your posts with these screenshots!! 😂

It would have been easier to dispel this immortal rumour. 

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2 hours ago, lipika09 said:

buyers can message you anytime for products or services


1 hour ago, web_code_it said:

He also tries to instant reply to freelancer find and he uses active online freelancer.


37 minutes ago, social_lot said:

es, Buyers are more interested to contact a online seller. 

If what you say is true, why do I get orders when I am sleeping or not signed in on Fiverr? 

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