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Decrease in conversion, increase in spam


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I wonder if it is just me these past 2-3 months or if it is the same for other sellers. I have noticed a huge increase in spam messages and people asking me for work. I was promoting my gig but since I turned that off, I seem to be getting less of those messages.

At the same time, I've also noticed a HUGE decrease in my conversion rate. I used to get 5-10 genuine buyer messages daily and many orders every week. I'm a top-rated seller, ranked Fiverr's choice currently, and the best-selling gig in my category (French translation). I have changed nothing to my gig at all, it has just been unusually and suspiciously quiet like I have never seen before on Fiverr over the past 5 years. 

Is there a slowdown in buyers as of late due to the recession or other factors, or is it possible that all those spammers are also messaging clients and making the platform look unprofessional? I'm curious what other people's experience has been like these past few months.

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