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Dear Fiverr Community Team,
I am Rabbi from Bangladesh, I was seller 2 and 300+ 5* rating and completed 700+ project. My Gig about creating DocuSing template. But suddenly my account was disable. That why need help.
I don't understand why my account has been disabled. I haven't violated any of Fiverr's rules and regulations. A client asked me to edit or create a police document, but I promptly informed them that it would be a violation of Fiverr rules and advised them to contact Fiverr support. I have always adhered to Fiverr's policies in my previous work also I have never attempted to proceed with the client's request without involving Fiverr support, and I kindly request you/your how can got my account again. Already i send email Fiverr support team but they told me, i have multiple account and i share my email address but it's not true.  I kindly request, please help you how can got my account again.

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