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Cancelling an Order-Questions


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I have a question regarding cancellations. One of the sellers that I use on Fiverr has let me down. The deadline has passed on my order by almost two days. Have contacted him three times and he hasn’t responded. If I cancel, does the money automatically go back in my paypal account? Or does the seller have to put it back. What if he doesn’t?

Also, I have more orders that I placed with this person that are due next week. I placed them before he stood me up for this current one. Am wondering if I should cancel them. Can I cancel them before the deadline next week? Would the money go back in my account?

Am disappointed- I understand something may have come up for the seller, but he should let me know and give me a choice of cancelling the order or asking for an extension. To keep a customer hanging isn’t nice.

Any answers or advice would be appreciated. Thought I’d try here before I try customer support.


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Its really unfortunate you are having such an experience , next time choose the seller carefully

The fund for canceled order will be returned to your fiverr account

For remaining orders you can click on “Resolution Center” tab on your order page to cancel the orders

Have a nice Day

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Thank you both for your replies, much appreciated. I have used this seller often in the past with no problem. He has well over a hundred reviews with only two negative ones (they were both from the same person for being late, as well.)

Contacted him again, telling him I want him to do the work, but that if I don’t hear from him soon, I’ll have to cancel (which is a drag because it means trying to find someone else to match his work). I’m more concerned about the other orders I placed that are due next week.

Your replies have been very helpful, thanks. Just don’t understand why he won’t reply to me. He does a really good job, too. Might wait until tomorrow morning before I cancel.

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