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How to deal with 4.5 ratings


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Every so often, I deliver order, which the buyer marks as complete, then rates the order 4.5 and writes “Wonderful work”, “Awesome”; or this one for example "Print_it delivered two files of great quality. A pleasure to work with, and I look forward to ordering from print_it again."

No explanation on why the rating was 4.5 - and not 5. With gigs that have a high rating, a 4.5 will actually drag the rating down (since the system we used before was thumbs up, thumbs down,easy). I don’t think the buyer however realises this, thinking that a 4.5 rating is an excellent rating, when it in fact would be better with no rating at all (at least the no rating would not lower the overall rating).

Upon politely contacting the seller asking if there was any specific reason you were not given a 5 and if there is anythign in the delivered order you can revise to achieve the 5; either they ignore you and don’t respond (I’ve NEVER had a seller actually responding with a reason to why he left a 4.5 or if there’s anythign I can revise for him), or evenworse, they get annoyed and LOWER the rating even more (lol, this has actually happened to me)

How do you deal with these type of buyers, who leave you a text-wise great review, even saying they will order with you again, but yet leave a 4.5 which ultimately lowers your overall rating 😦 ?

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This is a bit difficult. What have you keep in mind here is that most buyers believe the rating they are giving you is accurate and you have to tread carefully.

Now let me tell you something. I have had buyers contact me outside here (buyers that discuss things elsewhere before even coming here) telling me sellers have started putting messages in with their delivery reports requesting five stars in their feedback. Others have started sending out reports with images & screenshots in them showing how to leave feedback and requesting five star feedback.

Some buyers have expressed surprise that some sellers seem to be more concerned in their delivery reports with the feedback than delivering the work and some delivery reports now resemble infographics & interactive feedback systems intent on ensuring sellers get 5 stars and may just have the opposite effect.

I would avoid all this. What I would do here is keep it simple.

#1 Send a few of lines with the delivery report and in terms you are comfortable with suggest something along the lines of five star work, how you word it is up to you and also mention if they are unhappy with any aspect of the work to contact you before leaving feedback. The aim here is to pre-empt any feedback you do not want and to work with the buyer to resolve any issues well before feedback is left. How you word this is vital & is up to you but creativity goes a long way.

#2 If buyers still leave feedback you are unhappy with all you can do at this point is to message them asking them why and asking if there is anything you can do here but again I would be careful how you word anything as some buyers will construe this as an attempt at bribery and may take umbrage at this and lower your rating further while other will see this as an opportunity to extract blood out of you.

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Looking at it from both point of views here, obviously as a seller, losing ratings from your gig will push it back a few pages in the results and less people will see it, and a s a seller i know the importance of having a good rating and obviously it can be frustrating when they don’t leave you constructive criticism.

However, a buyer can only rate you how they feel you should be rated. It’s just like anything in the real world where it can be a great service, or product, and you can’t really fault it in any way, but you may not feel that it has that ‘wow’ factor that completely sets it aside from everything else and buyers on here can only rate it how they feel it deserves to be rated. I’m sure that over time, as more users buy gigs, the star system will balance out and gigs will become fairly rated.

I think the best thing to do when something like this happens is to put your head down and focus on putting out a really high quality product or service for the next person that comes along and hope that they will leave a generous review. 🙂

Regards, Kate.

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A big problem with the current system is that you can be held captive by the buyer.

He can can change previous ratings at any time. I hate this. There should be a time limit that a buyer can change or give a rating (two weeks at max).

But as it is now, a buyer can give you a rating, 3 months later come back to you for another gig and if you say “sorry, I can’t work on your gig” they can change the 3 month old rating even lower. Understand they are making this change not based on your quality of work done 3 months ago but on what you won’t do for them today.

fiverr could easily change this so there is a time limit on rating sellers but our pleas go unnoticed.

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They can change there rating after they already submitted it? After reading this, I would have to agree 100% that this needs to be changed. It is hard enough to maintain a good rating, but now users can go back in anytime and change their rating for a seller?

I realize that it is hard as a business to put systems in place and please everyone, but this needs to be addressed and figured out. I also don’t think that one 4.5 rating should drag an overall rating down. If you have 10 ratings…all 100%…and then you get one 4.5, your overall rating should be 99.9%. It would be different if the one was like a 1 start rating…but I don’t think that fiverr has it calculating properly.

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Whenever you’re delivering the order it would help if you were to, in your delivery message let the buyer know that if he/she has any concerns regarding the delivery that they not hesitate to let you know as you will be more than willing effect any modifications to guarantee that they are totally satisfied with their purchase.

In my opinion there are some sellers who somehow feel that $5/$4 does not warrant them putting out the BEST effort possible to get the job done and therein lies one of the recurring problems experienced with some buyers. As sellers we should understand that although we provide the much needed content, whether its in the form of designing, voiceover, blogs, reviews etc, Fiverr.com cannot thrive in a competitive environment without the participation of the buyers, or else the platform will be reduced to nothing more than a cheap marketplace offering less than average work.

My suggestion is to:

  1. Ensure that you as the seller actively communicate with each and every buyer regardless of how many gigs they purchase.

  2. Create an environment where their business is FULLY appreciated and ALWAYS be willing to amend your work to suit their requests.

    Notwithstanding there are the occasional buyers which will give you nothing short of a “fire toe” time, but what you have to bear in mind that the attitude displayed towards you may be subject to a number of factors (business or personal) which at that time may not necessarily be as a direct result of your work. Nonetheless they too MUST be treated with the same respect as you would your best customers and where an amicable solution cannot be met then request a cancellation of the job. However if the job is completed and a less than wished rating is given, reply in a gentle manner first with a “Thank You” and possibly something of appreciation for their purchase.

    Remember guys and gals its a numbers game and its only fair that we treat each person with the same appreciation for their money spent regardless of their attitude.


    Craig Scott
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As long as buyers are not publicly rated the same a sellers, buyers will continue to leave unfair ratings, or not rate at all.

Further, I agree that buyers should not be able to lower the rating after it is submitted. It’s okay if they decide they were wrong and go back to raise it. The fact of the matter is that in some locations, that is the law when evaluating employees.

I submitted a sample of work 30 hours ago to the buyer so that he could tell me if he will be able to give me a good rating or if there is anything he would like me to address. No reply as of yet and the job is due tomorrow.

Another job the gentleman was upset because I was not willing to do extra work for the same $15 that ordinarily he would pay $500. As it was, I marked 250+ errors for him on his 8,000 word document. Instead of rating me fairly, he didn’t even mark it complete. Later, when I contacted him about the work he stated that he was using the work I submitted to him.

Since people are complaining that sellers are not putting out the quality work they used to, then Fiverr should consider why sellers who do quality work don’t stick around. Sellers are not protected against bad behavior on the part of buyers. We won’t even talk about sellers who are doing work too cheaply so buyers are expecting everyone to supply labor at pennies per hour.

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