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Can't locate refund


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Sorry about the error.

I’m new to fiverr forum but found out that its difficult to edit errors once a comment is mistakenly posted before its completed.

I’ve actually re-posted the same question properly at

http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/38850/cant-locate-refund/p1?post#Form_Body when I could not edit this one.

I need to locate the refund to a gig that was cancelled by the seller and was mutually accepted by me so that I can use it to purchase another gig.

I have searched everywhere in my portfolio I couldn’t locate the refund.

I have painstakenly searched the forum without any answer before my post.

Celticmoon, I really appreciate your maturity in handling the situation by even giving me a benefit to explain what happened. Thanks

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OK, I looked at your other post. If I understand correctly, you ordered a gig. The seller cancelled. Did you “accept” the cancellation? This would be on your order page. I’ve only cancelled one order, and that was a long time ago, so I may be remembering wrong. You might need to click the link that says “Resolution Center” next to the order number. As long as both of you agree to the cancellation, I see no reason you shouldn’t see the amount placed back into your Fiverr account, so if you feel you correctly accepted the seller’s offer to cancel, you may need to contact Fiverr’s Customer Support (these words are a hyperlink to the CS area) and “file a report” (link in upper right corner).

To edit forum posts, look where your nickname is, then a date, then “Edit”. Click that and your comment will open in an edit box. When you’re done editing, click “Post Comment” and you’ll be all set.

You’re welcome~ (I kind of figured something like that happened, but really wasn’t sure!)


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Thanks, Celticmoon. I actually accepted the seller’s cancellation since I had earlier sent a mail through fiverr to him to know why he cancelled but refused to respond. I have since been expecting the refund.

I really appreciate your kind gesture and the tips.

Once again, thannnnnks a million times.

I will follow your tips to locate the refund

All the best

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Thanks to all for putting me through.

I’ve followed your advice and seem to have located the problem. It appears there was a reorder of the same gig after the cancellation. I’m not too sure how it happened.

I saw the same order awaiting my response after the cancellation. I have finally cancelled and waiting for the two days resolution.

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