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Can you help me to find this seller?


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I wanted to order a video production, spent ages looking for the right seller, found one and then went off to order a script. However since then I cannot find the seller.

From memory it was a woman, doing a voice to camera. Her advert was a video in which she was wearing a blue dress with a white background. I think she was a level 2 seller.

I really wanted her to do the video for me but now I cannot find her!!! I have searched and searched but just can’t locate this seller again.

I don’t suppose anyone can help me find her can they? It is a long shot but I was hoping to order this weekend.

She was offering an additional service she called her platinum service.

If anyone can help I would be absolutely delighted but that is all I can recall. I know I should have bookmarked it but I must have got distracted.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help,

Best wishes,


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Haha - after searching and searching I found the seller! Hurray! I thought she had brown hair but it was not the case, but was why I couldn’t find her.

It was http://www.fiverr.com/fayestap/be-your-video-spokesperson

I know it was a long shot asking on here but I have been searching for a day so just wanted to let you know how delighted I was to find her again.

Video ordered - now that excited wait until delivery 🙂

Best wishes all,



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