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Tips for good article writting


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Professional content writers are exactly that, professional. They take their jobs seriously. When a professional writer has been provided with instructions from a client, they read them carefully to get an understanding of what is required. Professional writers usually note down any points of interest or special instructions that the article requester has given.

Step Number Two

If the article is for your own use then you would normally have chosen a topic or you may have been provided with one as a need of necessity. Ask yourself what are you going to write about and in what way are you going to talk about the topic. Think about the final use of the article and tailor the article to suit its purpose. Think about it: is it promotion, informative article with a action involved from the reader, is it purely for education purposes. Pick a number of approaches from the different article approach types.

Next brainstorm for ideas, writing down ideas and thoughts about the subject. Professional writers do a lot of research on each of the approaches and create some points or questions that they want to cover.

Finally, after jotting down all of the ideas a professional writer valuates whether the ideas are suitable and chooses a method of executing these ideas with the end goal of that article always in mind.



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Just reading that post hurt my eyes. There were so many grammar issues. Perhaps it’s because I know how to leave out the jargon and learned AP style to actually write a coherent article. While the premise of the article was good, it was lost on me because of the issues. (sigh).

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