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Protect Fiverr account



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19 minutes ago, aqsariaz540 said:

if I use double verification, the chance of hacking decreases or not 

Hi @aqsariaz540 - I was using two-factor authentication and my Fiverr account still got hacked. The hacker withdrew all my Earnings and shut down my Fiverr account (luckily Fiverr was very helpful and restored my account for me).

20 minutes ago, aqsariaz540 said:

How do I protect  my Fiverr account from hacking

1. Check any files/links before downloading them - I clicked on malware that allowed the hacker to access the account of any open windows that I had.

2. Use reliable antivirus software to catch any malware that may be downloaded when you are on the internet ... and don't rely on it. You should be aware that hackers are social engineers, so they will try to get you to do something that you wouldn't normally do (usually clicking on links from apparently reliable sources, such as a reputable company, a legitimate buyer, or an acquaintance of yours). Mine was a buyer who seemed to be an ordinary person wanting me to check out their resume. So be on the lookout to spot these socially engineered setups (and avoid them).

3. Use unique passwords for all your accounts. Hackers are lazy so they will try the same password on several accounts. They are hoping you are lazy, too.



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