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I am not getting any order.


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Hello, as you know Zahid the AI storm is hitting every one, do you know that there was a major strike in Hollywood recently as writers were worried that AI could write better scripts by going through thousands of best scripts on any niche. 

Do you know. that the new versions of chatGPT will talk and be able to respond to images, the bottom line is we humans will become obsolete in tasks that were considered "SKILLS", until governments intervene, there could be a massive job loss in the market.

So let's wait , in the meanwhile I will highly recommend to please begin understanding various AI tools, even if they are not related to your field of expertise. 

Hope to see you get orders soon.

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32 minutes ago, zahid_hasan44 said:

I am a level 2 seller on fever. For the last two months, I don't have any order on fiverr. Can you guise share some advice to get order or rank my gig again? 

This is the main reason - See inserted image:


That buyer might have given you a negative private review which has caused your gigs to be pushed back in the search results and other sellers of your same niche are performing better than you. It will take some time to get recovered from it because your BSR is also dropped. 

Also, your gig galleries (all gigs) are not attractive enough to grab buyer's attention. Improve them further.

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