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Regarding client request related to payment




I have a question. Initially my Gig was created with a lowest price. Then, later I changed to a higher price. I received an inquiry to create a website when the gig was in the initial price (But he didn't respond for long time). He recently came back and said, he was looking for about the old amount and he doesn't have much to do too. So my question is, can I do his order in the old amount, but in the gig, the amount will be the new one. Can I give him the earlier amount without changing the present Gig amount? If I change in the gig, then I have to sell the work at a lowest rate for others too (if any one new comes at that time I changed the price in the Gig). Or, can I do something like, change the Gig amount to the old price, let him place the order, once I get his order, I will change the amount back to the new one. Will this work? Can you please advise me on this. Thanks!

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