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Are sellers forgetting/ignoring me? (When/How) Should I follow up?



I'm new to the site so I don't know the standard "etiquette" or what sort of (or how much) information/notifications sellers receive, but--

Let's say a seller's gig says to message them before ordering, to discuss which packages and extra services may be appropriate for a project. I message them with some information, and they respond to ask for more information. I message them again with more information, and then... A week or two passes. They haven't sent a response. Maybe I send another message with a bit more information, but after another week, they still haven't responded.

I'm in the above situation with multiple different sellers, each at 5 stars with hundreds of reviews, and response rates well under 24 hours. There are no deadlines on their end because I haven't placed any orders yet, and they do have a few orders in their queues. They don't appear to be on vacation though (the messenger doesn't tell me that they're away on vacation like it did a different seller I've been talking to, and they usually have "last seen" times of less than a day) and I don't think the messenger or my account are broken because I've been messaging another seller over the past week. And I know this is more subjective, but I don't think the extra information I provided is overly long or difficult to parse--my messages are definitely shorter than this post, and mostly consists of small (~30 sec) previews of music, to see if the sellers are comfortable with the tempo/range/style/etc.

Is it typical for popular sellers to receive so many messages (or perhaps have some other specific reason) that they may "leave some on read" for a while? Do they receive automatic follow-up notifications or is it up to me to remind them I exist? Or am I overthinking something that means absolutely nothing, and this sort of timing is expected among sellers after the first message? In any case, how is a buyer generally expected to proceed? For what it's worth, I am still interested in what these sellers have to offer, and while my own project doesn't have a strict deadline or anything, it's kind of been on hold for the past couple weeks.

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