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Frustrated First-time buyer


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I just found out about Fiverr about a month ago and was told by my friends that they had a really good experience on getting gigs from this site.

I wanted to buy a gig to design a logo for my business. After browsing for quite some time on the various sellers out there, I’ve finally settled on the seller of whom I thought fit the theme of design I wanted and would be able to provide just exactly what I need. He seemed quite legit and had a ‘Top Seller’ with 97%, had an average response time of 10 hours and had good reviews by other buyers who expressed nothing but contentment on his services. I proceeded to message him 2 days ago to enquire on his availability but there was no reply.

The business needed a logo fast and we’re losing market grip the longer it goes on without one.

So, I took my chances and I opted to still proceed with this seller. In fact, I was really convinced by the reviews and comments that I chose to pay an extra $20 to get it delivered within 24 hours.

However, it has been almost 28 hours, and I haven’t received any response from this seller. Not from my first personal message to him, nor any response/ replies with regards to the specifications of the design of my logo.

To be honest, I feel cheated now. I really want my logo to be designed in a specific vintage theme and needed it fast. How do I get back my refund? And how do I cancel my orders if the seller himself is not respondingto any of my messages? It’s quite frustrating that my first experience in Fiverr turned out this way. Need help from any who has experienced this please…

Thank you.

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I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I don’t know who this seller is, of course, but generally “Top Rated Sellers” can be extremely busy, and creating logos is a time-consuming venture if it’s to be done well. Personally, if I didn’t get a reply to my message, I might’ve sent a second message or maybe would have moved on to another seller. If this seller is too overwhelmed to reply to a message, they’re too overwhelmed to make my logo, is what I would think.

Just FYI, I recently discovered that 2 of my buyers has responded to messages from me, but I DID NOT RECEIVE THEM. So it’s possible your first message wasn’t received by the seller. I think this may be due to some renovations going on to the Fiverr site.

Anyway, to your question. If you go to your shopping page, then to this order page, look next to the order number (#FO…etc.). You’ll see a link called “Resolution Center”. This is where you can request a cancellation. The seller will have to agree to cancel (I can’t imagine that he won’t!) and then your Fiverr account will be credited the amount of the sale. You can then use that credit for future purchases on Fiverr.

There are some really talented logo designers here, but those who devote the most time and care to their work can get backed up, which of course is hard for you to tell. One thing you can do is look to see how many orders are already in queue for this seller, not just for the gig you want to buy but look through all his gigs. Please do consider newer sellers, too. There are talented people who are just starting out, too. I understand your reticence, though, if it’s an important job. So perhaps look for a level 1 or 2 seller, someone with some orders and reputation you can look through.

Good luck~

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As a newby buyer to Fiverr I have to say I have the same issue. I haven’t found the experience very good or useful and I find myself both out of pocket and very annoyed by the vendor.

My key points are this:

  1. If you offer revisions as part of a package actually follow the buyer’s comments.
  2. Only close the gig once the buyer is happy and
  3. Deliver the item you’re actually offering with the gig.

There also seems to be no mechanism for getting either the item or a refund if not satisfied.

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Hello Dave.

  1. Agreed, basically, though it may depend on specifics. Some buyers ask for things the gigs don´t include etc.

  2. The seller can´t close the gig, either the buyer accepts the offer and with that closes the gig or the gig is automatically closed by the system 3 days after delivery (it tells you that it´s that way on the fiverr pages:

  3. Agreed.

  4. There is a mechanism for that, maybe this will help:

And sorry to hear your first experience happened to not be good. There are a lot of satisfied customers, and sellers, too with good experiences. Like everywhere we hear often about the bad experiences and not so often about the good ones, but there are lots of those. 🙂

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Thank you for a response. However what is really frustrating with this is:

  1. the gig offered 3 revisions in the specifics. I sent details of what I wanted revising but this has not happened.
  2. the gig is CLOSED. It HAS been closed by the seller & I cannot contact the seller. There is HUGE button that says “Issues with the order Resolve Now” yet clicking on it tells me the gig is CLOSED.
    Now I agree it DOES say closes 3 days after delivery in the link you provided. But if they have NOT DELIVERED how can it be closed?

What annoys me most is the revision was so minor that this could have been a great first time experience and promoted both the vendor and the site. Now I am down $11, I am spending time on here when I should be earning, and somewhere someone has my money in her pocket and is able to do the same again to someone else with seemingly no recourse whatsoever.

Can I challenge this? Can I dispute the payment? With other freelance sites payment doesn’t get sent until accepted by the buyer. All I seem to be able to do is give feedback and complain in forums.

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Hm, Not sure how 2. can be, if it didn´t close automatically after the 3 days time window. Best you contact Customer Support maybe. They can look into the issue for you. You can open a ticket and give them the Order Number, you can find that on your order page.

As for the payment, the seller only gets it after a 14 (or 7 for Top Rated Sellers) days clearance period generally.


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