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How To get first order on fiverr?


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A few things that might be the cause...

You're in very overcrowded niches, and buyers have tens of thousands of other sellers to choose from.

Your gig description mentions unlimited revisions, but you don't actually offer them in any of your packages.

Your gig images have spelling mistakes (which is a bad thing because a flyer or a business card with a glaring spelling mistake would be an embarrassment for that company, and nobody wants to pay you to embarrass them in front of their potential clients).

You claim to be fluent in English, but your gig and profile descriptions look more like conversational English.

On top of that, the one review you have might be 5 stars, but it confirms that you struggle with English; your client complains about the additional explanations she had to give you.

In short, with so many other sellers to choose from, you have to do better and present yourself better if you want buyers to choose you over others.

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