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So far I have not had any success buying on Fiverr


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Yes finally success.

Tell me what you think of the difference between what I got first and what I now have.

Got another person to do it. Great guy from Romania. First delivery was way more on track but needed a bit of revision. Then just couple of little tweaks.

Now I have this


And at nearly half the price of the amateur. He even wanted me to take a discount off his price because he did deliver late. (no way happy to fully pay him… and pay him extra to do more now)



Can anyone actually follow instructions? Are there any real “Professionals” on Fiver?

I bought a gig some time back. Despite giving specific instructions, layout required etc (albeit I use MS Powerpoint as I can’t use photoshop to make PSD’s) but it is all still clear what I want.

I received a completely amateur job that I could have made in any online editor myself. Completely changed layout. The seller couldn’t resolve so I cancelled.

That kept me away from fiverr for a long time, despite having a reasonable amount of credit in it.

Ordered a new gig yesterday. Landing page for PPC campaign I was wanting to start running this evening 😦 NOT HAPPENING NOW

Looked and chose someone who really seemed to know what they were doing.

I also did the right thing, checked with seller first, sent pdf, confirmed they understood exactly what I wanted, WAS VERY SPECIFIC. Purchased upgrade to premium service. Paid for one day delivery, confirmed he could do it and deliver on time etc etc… very specific in sticking to the layout and not going off on any tangents…

All I can say about the late order that was delivered is $#!7

Call me old skool or what, but a book I live says by "Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no"

Please Fiverr sellers. Say yes if you really can deliver what the client is clearly asking for. SAY NO if you can’t. Saying yes you can and then delivering rubbish only wastes everyone’s time, creates friction and will only result in a cancellation which looks bad for each party.

AND at the end of the day you DON"T get paid for the time you spent doing a junk job anyway…


Regards all

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When asking someone to make images or web pages for you, it is important that you look at samples of their work. Does their style match yours? If not, you won’t ever agree. If you’ve done that, consider buying a smaller portion of work first. If you see that they have captured your vision, then go for it. If not, say thank you and move on.

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@ozimike I strongly agree that a buyer HAS TO BE delivered what he pays for. But at the same time, not every seller on fiverr is an amateur.

There are many sellers having thousand of sales and amazing feedbacks, and I believe it’s because they deliver the promised items in due time.

So, my friendly suggestion would be - just don’t quit fiverr because you had one or two bad instances. You might eventually find the right seller who can ease your way through many future projects to come.

Having said that, a Buyer should also ensure that the hired seller is getting paid for the efforts that he is putting in. Everything just can’t be delivered for 5 bucks. Besides, while fixing project budgets a buyer should also think of the fact that the seller gets only 80% of the paid funds.

Hope it helps 🙂

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I do know some people on Fiverr who are overdelivering - like really overdelivering stuff for a measly $5. But I know where you’re coming from. It is Fiverr and - for the most part - you only get what you pay for.

There are some real gems around here - but I guess it takes some luck and time to dig them out.

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Reply to @cmldmb: Yes. Actually that is what we were doing. Needed a simple but professional landing page made, gave full and clear brief beforehand, paid the extras he asked $65 and all from a 4.8 star level2 seller. This was the smaller job portion first as we need to fully re-do our website soon… but he won’t be getting any of that.

And unfortunately the job was so amateurish I really couldn’t say thank you either… But yes moving on.

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I think it really depends on where you buy it from. Are you trying to communcate with sellers in east asia? I’ve purchased loads and loads of gigs and most often, non-English speaking sellers are completely useless. They can’t follow instructions, they do things wrong, they don’t understand you, communication is impossible. Worst thing is the ones that say they’re from the US but clearly can’t speak a word of English… Imagine the disappointment when placing a big order with someone who you think is from the US hence should be able to speak English, and then they don’t understand a word of your instructions.

But then again, if you place an order with a seller who’s situated in let’s say countries like US, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Norway, UK etc, you have to understand that $5 in these countries probably equals $50 in east asian countries. So if someone from an east asian country can spend 1 hour on a delivery, a seller from Sweden may only spend 10 minutes. I did a check up to compare and in India you get a Meal for 2, Mid-range Restaurant for $8 whereas in Sweden the price is $87. India; water (0.33 liter bottle) is $0.22, in Sweden it’s $2.55. Pack of Cigarettes in India is $1.97, in Sweden it’s $7.91. I’d say you get what you pay for. Next time consider placing your order with a seller from countries like these and I truly believe you’ll get better service. It WILL cost you more, but in the long run, it will be worth it as you won’t have to scrape the first delivery and re-order from someone else. At least you’d be able to communicate with your seller.

My rec. is to carefully select buyers, check their country, make sure they understand written english so that you can communicate, send them a PM beforehand. I always try to converese with my sellers before placing an order with them.

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Guest voicetex

Hi ozmike,

I have been on Fiverr for 5 months now as seller.

Since I also like to understand what Buyers are looking for in general, you might want to tell us what exactly you didn’t like.

Maybe “your” seller is reading this at some point.

I’m very interested in hearing what exactly you didn’t like about the delivery. Was it the style, colours or didn’t the forms work?

After all it can’t be so hard to go down the wrong lane after all the effort you put into your briefing.



PS: I do translations and voice over - both fields that require a thorough briefing and a lot of “telepathic” work to get the right result. So far, my clients have been very happy.

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Guest celticmoon


voicetex said: you might want to tell us what exactly you didn't like.
The OP said the results he got were very amateurish, something he could've done himself in a free editor, and the layout was changed despite instructions not to do so.


@ozmike, @ozimike Are you one person with 2 accounts? You seem to be using 2 different names here. This is against the Fiverr Terms of Service.



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Reply to @print_it: Yes. Extensive P.M and brief upload before gig…etc etc. Yes It was East Asia…but I specifically choose Philippines as their business language and college graduates must understand English. Their level is usually quite high, except gender, past tense present tense few small bits like that are fixable.

I wasn’t so much a communication problem as it was a “bought my gig now I will deliver whatever I want” problem.

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