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My audience has nearly disappeared since fiverr did some reorganizing...now what?


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Hello, I https://www.fiverr.com/users/sysleeper256 had some good customers and activity in the past but this year I've basically had nothing, not even questions that aren't buying. I'm a pretty good singer of mostly rock, and I have good reviews and history (i think?) but they're not even finding me anymore. I think this is the only market for singers online so what can I do to get that back? And if its not, where else can I try?

I think this happened after they made some changes and it forced me to switch my category from just 'singer' to 'male singer'. Am I invisible to the marketplace now?

I don't have socials to promote on--I like the anonymity-- but I didn't need that in the past, randoms browsing fiverr messaged me.

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