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Buyer's Request: Itemized Estimates and Easy Add-Ons

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I’ve been purchasing gigs through Fiverr for a short while. This is proving to be an excellent way to do some low-key (mostly exploratory) work for my still-developing small business idea AND to meet some private objectives (e.g.: language translation, birthday cards, etc). So, overall, I really like Fiverr.

That said, I am finding some frustration over the basic organization of the platform. When I go into a small business and commission work (any kind of work), I am provided an estimate with an itemized list of services/products and a grand total. The list can be changed or discussed, but it is clear, standard and (therefore) easily understood. Fiverr does not work this way.

When I contact people ahead of time, I am sometimes provided with a verbal estimate or simply instructed to purchase a gig. Sometimes the standard gig has add-ons that I need to select and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the verbal instructions are clear, sometimes not. Almost every time I have to select a service that is not part of my actual request because it is the same cost as what the individual has quoted outside of the standard platform.

After I purchase a gig, I sometimes need to add on an additional service (there are many reasons). On numerous occasions that has resulted in my purchasing a second gig to complete the work on an existing gig, which is potentially confusing for everyone.

In one case, I discussed the work ahead of time and was instructed to purchase 4+ gigs, each with a different element to the job. From what I have seen, this is due to an inherent problem in the platform.


So, complaining aside, let’s get down to the nitty gritty - what a buy needs.

  1. Estimates: A simple, easily understood and complete itemized list for services discussed, which is provided after (and in reference to) a ‘conversation’ (email messages via Fiverr) with the person providing the service. The estimate needs to be completely customizable and easily created, so that the service provider can simply write out everything discussed, including the fee for each item of service. It also needs to be something that a buyer can respond to or select from (like a custom menu), so that negotiations are not hindered.

  2. Sent Mail: Depending on the project, I may send inquiry emails to several service providers. I really NEED to know who I have contacted, so that I don’t send multiple emails to individuals who are not responding. (Keeping a hand written list of those I have contacted is a bit cumbersome).

  3. Approval Stage: Frequently, gigs are ‘completed’ when the service provider is actually just asking for approval of a design. I am then required to decline the gig (request changes) and send a message saying I have accepted the work as is. This process is workable, but it’s confusing and (frankly) annoying given how much of Fiverr’s offerings is centered on design work. Please ADD AN APPROVAL stage.

  4. Review upon receipt: When i purchase a physical item, provided via mail, I would prefer to complete the review of the work after it has been received. Reviewing photographs or downloads is perfect for download-centric work. Physical objects really should be reviewed after they are in hand.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Adora Myers
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