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DON'T DO SIGN UP TO THIS SCAM! august_offer Fiverr Vote Dot Com


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  1. If fiverr was going to change something, they would send it direct to your email inbox and have it all over the place advertising… not in a shady inbox message like the one pasted below.



  2. Fiverr already advertises for us in emails to potential buyers and with their algorithm… why would we need to sign up for some extra program that makes no sense.



  3. If you click the link and see another small link on the page and click on it, the other page won’t load at all.



  4. Yes, it looks just like fiverr but it’s not. Anyone can steal the fiverr logo and even website design to create their own to look just like it even down to matching up the links at the bottom of the page.



  5. You can always look up their website on whois.net and see who the real site owner is. I did and it said the domain was for sale… lol… apparently was just bought and didn’t even register with whois yet.


    For the record, here was the email that was sent to me:




    Hi djkoolaide,




    Are you still waiting for more sales?




    (The Actual Link was Posted here) (Fiverr Vote. Com)




    Don’t worry here is the best place to promote and earn more sales traffic for your Gigs.


    Just vote and then you can see your Gigs with Fiverr main category page.




    Note: Please vote using your unique Fiverr account and don’t use this offer with multiple accounts.


    This offer valid until 31st August.








    Fiverr Team.




    It makes me sick, the lengths people will go through to steal other people’s hard earned money. Utter scums!


    I hope nobody gets scammed wastes to society.


    Attaching a screenshot from Whois.net.




    Fiverr Vote. Com

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Guest hugsaresent

Just got a message from these people, knew something was fishy right away. Bravo for this post, hopefully it stops others from getting scammed.

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I just got it too - unfortunately I didn’t realise it was spam and filled in my details. It was only when it just hung there egg timing that I realised something was wrong… I’ve changed my password and reported it to Fiverr Customer Support. Is there anything else I should do?

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but this scam is still going on. I received one of these today and unfortunately thought it was official (and I consider myself web savvy 😦 Even though I have now changed my password and security answer this is so super annoying. Have reported the message and have contacted Customer Support.

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