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Please Do Not Make Fiverr a Fish Market


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Hi All Sellers,

I would like to request you all Sellers Please do not make Fiverr a Fish market by offering everything for $5. Try to understand the importance of your time too. I have found many of my buyers approach me with the amount of work, which cannot be done in less than 100 USD and If they approach any company then even they have to pay minimum 250 to 500 USD. But here on Fiverr many sellers are doing the same for just $5.

Always remember that you are here for making money and when time will come money will help you not a buyer will give you free money as you are giving him free work.

I hope maximum sellers are agree to my point. I am not saying that overcharge someone but at least do not make Fiverr a fish market for God Sake. If you do not have value of your time then leave this platform and move to other cheap sites.



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