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Navigating Client Relationships: A Discussion on Addressing and Resolving Scamming Incidents on Fiverr



Hello Fiverr Community, I hope this message finds everyone well.

I am reaching out to bring attention to an experience that is, unfortunately, becoming more common—dealing with unfair practices and scamming incidents from clients on our platform. I've recently encountered an issue where a client agreed to a detailed project plan, only to unjustly request a refund upon completion of the milestone, despite receiving the agreed-upon deliverables.

In this incident, a clear agreement was established, outlining specific milestones and their corresponding deliverables. The client seemed satisfied with the first milestone, but the situation escalated negatively when I was in the process of delivering the second one. After complying with all the client's requests and adjustments promptly, I found myself facing a refund request for the completed milestone. The client, after not paying for the work completed so far, ended our conversation with a statement implying they expected the rest of the project to be done for free, leaving no room for discussion or resolution.

While I am currently seeking Fiverr support's assistance on this matter and awaiting a response, I feel it is crucial to share this experience with my fellow Fiverr sellers. It is not just about a refund or a payment; it's about maintaining a respectful and fair working environment for all users of this platform.

Let's open a dialogue here to share experiences, provide support, and discuss potential solutions or preventative measures to address such unfair practices and ensure that Fiverr remains a trustworthy and harmonious platform for both sellers and buyers. How can we, as a community, assist one another in navigating these situations effectively and maintain the integrity of our working relationships?

I am eager to hear your thoughts, experiences, and advice on this matter, and I hope we can collectively find ways to better protect ourselves from unscrupulous practices while continuing to offer high-quality services to our valued clients.

Thank you for your time, understanding, and support. Looking forward to a constructive and supportive discussion.

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