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Reminder to new members: don't answer phishing emails!


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Just now got yet another phishing email, so I wanted to remind newcomers that Fiverr will NEVER ask for your log-in information!

The scam emails entice you by promising more sales if you participate in a vote and it says: “Please vote using your unique Fiverr account and don’t use this offer with multiple accounts.

This offer valid until 31st August”.

The message is signed “Fiverr Team”. The link appears to be a Fiverr link, but it isn’t. Don’t be fooled; it isn’t from Fiverr!

Report the sender directly to Customer Support, not just your email “report” button. The sooner we can get rid of a scammer, the fewer people get scammed. Until the next one shows up, or this one opens a new account.

Don’t forget: If you lose access to your account, you will lose your funds, and once they get withdrawn by the scammer you’ll never get them back.

For further information you can read this post by a Fiverr administrator:


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Gee, thanks to the sheriff or moderator who buried this in “Chit Chat”, where it does absolutely no good as a warning, which was my intention. And now the first page of “Tips for Sellers”, where I deliberately posted it originally, is full of posts about exactly the same thing.

I hope no one got fooled!

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