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How can I receive first order


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The biggest issue at Fiverr I have found is that as there is no vetting process for sellers, the buyers are at their own in terms of finding the right sellers, so they always go for the one with more reviews and sales and that might still be not a good deal , as even a seller with good reviews can mess up, however its a bit less risky.

So until fiverr can some how verify if a seller is what it claims then new seller will always struggle and be told to improve their gigs and so on and so forth.

In any case I wish you good luck and success at fiverr.

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On 9/23/2023 at 6:00 PM, maptechsnagger said:

stay active,


4 minutes ago, bdaklima said:

Always try to active on Fiverr

WRONG! Staying active or being online does not help you at all. This myth is spread by sellers who lack knowledge about how Fiverr works.

Check what a Fiverr Staff member posted on September 25, 2023.


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