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My any of the gig is not ranking anymore.


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Hi, I'm Nayon Saha. At the start of 2023, One of my Fiverr gig was in very good condition. I continuously got orders from the gig. I got some orders when the gig ranked, but after some cancellations of orders, my gig de-ranked. I totally understand the problem. I know Fiverr can de-rank the gig when the response rate and order completion rate are low. I was also demoted from level one to new seller. Fiverr has given me an option to promote one of my gig, but after demotion, the promotion stopped. I know it's normal. After 2 months I got my level back, also the promotion started but after 2 days suddenly the promotion stopped again and my gig is not ranking. But I didn't understand why the gigs aren't ranking again. As far as I know, my gig is optimized from every aspect. I can't understand what the exact problem is going on here. I want to solve it but I can't find any specific problem till now. Oh! One more thing is I'm not getting any Fiverr briefs for the last 4 months. I am looking for help to solve everything and want to grow again.

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