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I am a new freelancer offering transcription services. Can I actively offer my services for projects or do I have to wait for buyers to contact me? I have been contacted by a couple of people already but I am pretty sure they are not real (asked to communicate outside the platform with a Gmail address, which I read is a big red flag!) so instead of waiting and getting those kinds of messages, I would like to be proactive and looks for buyers myself.


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On 9/22/2023 at 4:39 PM, melanielm said:

There is no way to look for buyers or contact them on the Fiverr platform. You can, of course, expand your business off Fiverr and bring buyers here to your gigs. (Do NOT point Fiverr buyers elsewhere, however. That is against TOS.)

Wow, that is so weird to me! Wherever you look for work, you can consult like a "wanted board" where employers advertise their needs and you can apply and be accepted or rejected. Here I have to wait for someone to see my profile, which I must promote like crazy to enhance my chances of being picked over thousands and thousands of others... So i spend more of my time promoting myself than actually working! 

I guess that is not the platform for me...

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