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Impressions are becoming less and less day by day.



My gig impression was good even 5-6 days ago. But now not more than 5/6 per day. Even becomes zero. I try to be manually active most of the time and share on social media. Recently I took a gig related skill test and scored 9.5 out of 10.
Note: My gig status is active; Given my online status;

Language: Native: Bengali: Fluent: English and Urdu.
Now what can I do?


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Step 1

Focusing on your gig 'Keyword tags' is necessary.
Impressions are largely influenced by this factor!

Step 2

Make sure to keep your profile online for as long as possible. The search bar's 'Online' filter is being used by many buyers.

Also, you can use any add-ins or extensions as well. The Fiverr app must be installed on your phone before you can use it.


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You've returned to Fiverr after a long absence. I looked over your profile.

When updating your gig title and description, etc., Use your researched SEO keywords to increase the chances of your gig being discovered by potential buyers. Meanwhile, use high-quality images and videos to showcase your work and make your gig stand out.

also try to stay maximum online.


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