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Punished for a mistake with no warning nor appeal



So, I made a mistake when creating my account back in January. Not thinking of becoming a seller initially (wasn't confident enough in my skills), I used an email and username that I would never have chosen as a seller.

So, when a friend told me I should sell my skills, I decided to start a seller profile. I started on my old account and was approved as a seller. But I quickly noticed that my username was unchangeable (and too easy to associate with myself in the outside world... I don't like having my identity so easy to find online). Reading on the "Help" section of the website, it said that, the only way to change the username, is to create a new account and close the old one.

I did exactly as told. Followed all the instructions. I probably did them in the wrong order or took too long, but I was flagged on my new account (this account) as fraudulent and my seller account was denied. There was no warning, no request for me to correct or explain my mistake. Just a flat out suspension of the account. I contacted support to see if I could change or explain (with screenshots, etc. as proof) but I keep getting the same tired response. Either a full copy/paste or a paraphrase of the same thing.


So I'm being punished for making an honest mistake and trying to correct it. I've tried to contact, appeal, or have my situation reviewed, but nothing is being done. My frustration is through the roof.

(Sorry if I sound very aggressive... I've been crying I'm so upset about this. It was just an honest mistake and, by all accounts, I've fixed it. Why are my efforts and appeals falling on deaf ears?)

Oh, and they keep changing the customer service agent on me too, allowing them to repeat themselves over and over because I'm repeating and explaining myself to a new person every time.


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