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Dear Sellers, Beware of this SCAM!


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Dear Sellers,

There is this set of people acting as buyers on Fiverr and will try to offer you a considerable amount of jobs and ask you to add them on Facebook for further information. I’ve encountered them a numerous times. Most funny of all is, it is the same message they send every time except the Facebook link =)) ( I’ ve been testing that replying to all those people :-))

As most of you are aware, according the Fiverr terms of service, we are not authorized to contact the buyers outside of Fiverr and doing so may result for your accounts getting banned [-X

These people may seem realistic enough to believe. But be attentive. Otherwise you will finally become a victim of like farming or may end up having a banned account [-(

This issue has been discussed a numerous times in the forum but still people keep on getting caught because the form of the threat always changes making them more and more realistic.

Play by rules, and you all will have a successful journey on Fiverr. Cheers :-bd

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I just got this message today! Thanks for sharing this info. I don’t understand how people can be so mean, we are working our butt for $4 and they try to scam us?


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I have run into a few of these types of buyers a while ago.

They offered me more work and money outside of Fiverr, but I always pointed them towards the “Fiverr Terms of Service Policy,” and I basically told them I can do service gigs for them, only through the Fiverr site, since that is where and how they initially contacted me for work.

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