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Not Getting Orders / Even Not Any Messages


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I have been on Fiverr for a quite long time maybe 3 years at first I was really getting orders without any issues at all. I have been providing my services at my best getting all the highest ratings possible.

Now these days there is no impression even after editing my profile and optimizing it again and again. I have researched quite well and done everything I could. My profile and gigs are currently fine with competitive prices, well-written descriptions, tags, good images, and titles.

After all these things, I also started promoting one gig. There isn't really any improvement.

Is there any client shortage on Fiverr? Or the sellers have increased so much that there isn't really enough client to make an order. What is really happening?

Should I stop trying and move on? Please help me out, if there is something wrong with my gig or approach I will be glad if you point that out. What is really going on why is the Fiverr platform not really that effective for getting orders anymore?

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