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I have been inactive in fiverr for sometime, Will fiverr not promote my gig visibility because of being inactive ?



Hi, I started my Fiverr account in 2017 after learning about freelancing. I was in the 9th grade at that time. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I received some orders and my gig started to receive impressions and clicks. My flagship gig was performing well, but due to college workload, I had to pause my Fiverr activities for a while. Now, my Fiverr account isn't receiving the same level of visibility it used to. This could be due to increased competition and the influx of new freelancers. Fiverr tends to promote talented newcomers.

I'm concerned that Fiverr might limit the visibility of my gig because I've had fewer orders recently, despite being a long-standing member on the platform. I don't have a video gig, but I'm actively working on improving my gig description, gig images, and creating a video thumbnail and portfolio PDF to attract potential clients who appreciate my skills.

and this is my first post on fiverr forum

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