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Looking for the right type of freelancer (app development)


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Hello everyone

I don't know if I'm at right place here but I wanted to ask something. I would like to have an app developed to put local and large electronic events in a clear calendar so that party people can see at a glance where all the parties are going on. How can I find the right person or company for this? I myself know nothing about coding but should be able to add information about the parties each time. I have already looked up some ways. Am I in the right place with Flutter developers? Can anyone help me find the right kind of freelancer?

Thanks in advance


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Yes. Your are in the right place. 

Finding the right flutter developer is about searching on the marketplace for potential fits and discussing with them. I am a Software developer myself but mostly for web applications. Let me know if you need anything else.  

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You will need to decide on what platforms you want this app on , android or iOS or both , then you need to decide on technology and whether you want the source code also, to be able to extend the app later, once you are clear about this, you can then look for what framework you want to work in 

For eg in iOS where I work more and more people are using SwiftUI instead of UIKit.


Ofcourse if you just want an app with out any such considerations you can get a hybrid app build for you with no control over it , it will cater to both android and iOS market.

I always suggest to go for an iOS app as its a more premium market where people actually "buy" apps , but android is good for ads based apps..

In any case its best to try with one platform , and then decide to scale, never fall for making apps for both platforms as this will get in to troubles that you will find hard to manage and will end up spending more and more money...

The trouble being app approval, code with bugs and crashed, wrong implementation of logic, the list is endless 


I wish you good luck.

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