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The Art of Customer Service


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After 300 gigs and reaching my goal of $3000 in revenue from my fiverr account within two months, I am super excited to see what the future holds. However, you might be wondering what has been the key to my success?

The answer is quite simple: customer service.

I had a bit of a conflict today. A customer requested service that did not comply within my basic gig guidelines, and would require a little extra work from me. The additional work was not excessive, but I like to stay within my gig parameters. I considered offering to cancel with the customer, based on this misunderstanding, but I decided to go ahead and do the additional work (even though it would result in a lower sale price for me based on time).

I communicated to the buyer that I would get to work. Then, instead of doing a lack-luster job, I did my best. I like to prove to my customers that the service I provide is top-notch.

When I delivered the gig, well under my expected delivery time, the buyer was pleased. Not only did he give me a 5-star rating and glowing review, but also a nice tip for my efforts. He also ordered a follow-up gig from me for some additional revision. So, the money I had been concerned about “being cheated out of” was actually increased with a tip and repeat business.

This was a nice reminder of the power of great customer service. If you have a misunderstanding, try to come to a mutually beneficial solution. I am not saying you should do work for free, but finding a middle ground as a consultant is key.

Wish you all the best getting those gigs!

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