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How many days it tooks???!!!



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2 hours ago, rezoan_fahim said:

How many days did it take to get your first order?  

Getting the first order depends on how many people or sellers provide services in your gig category. Try to deeply research when opening a gig your category successful competitor gig and take an idea and apply your own gig. Never try to copy.....

Getting orders on Fiverr can be competitive, but there are several strategies you can use to increase your chances of attracting clients to get new orders. Here are some tips to help you get new orders:

  • - Create a good look Professional Profile
  • - Choose the Right Gig Categories and subcategories
  • - Offer and commit to delivering High-Quality Services
  • - Set Competitive Prices to attract buyers
  • - Create Eye-Catching Gig Images and showcase portfolio on profile
  • - Optimize Gig Titles, Tags, and Keywords
  • - Promote Gig on Social Media

Remember Fiverr is a highly competitive platform and that success on Fiverr may not happen overnight. Building a strong reputation and client base can take time and consistent effort.

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3 hours ago, rezoan_fahim said:

How many days did it take to get your first order?  

Relying on luck and sitting idle will not help. It's going to take forever! Get some extra push from outside--- move your IRL clients to this platform or share your gigs with your potential buyers outside the platform. I received my first order the same day I created my account and my second order the day after. Because I had a lot of old clients and I asked them to continue projects on this platform and they agreed!

And since they were my loyal old clients, they always left good ratings for me and this helped me to start my journey without any problem. I was getting good sales from the first month itself. With 0 ratings and metrics, it is not possible for Fiverr to trust the credibility of a new seller, so it is you who has to take some steps and prove to Fiverr that you are a reliable and efficient person who deserves some impressions.

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