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Is this Job offer to print checks a scam?



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7 hours ago, mckelle_hansen said:

They offered me a good sum of money monthly to just print and mail checks and letters. Is there a way this could be a scam? It doesn't sound right, but I just want to be sure. 

It totally depends on which category checks want to print and how much monthly is offered to you. My advise is if this is offered through Fiverr, please contact support. 

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If it sounds too good to be true, it's a scam. 

Unfortunately, Fiverr is full of them. Sometimes, even Fiverr performs a little bait and switch operation of its own by reeling in sellers with locked discounted pricing and promises of lifetime loyalty discounts for Seller Plus, only to turn around after 3 years and announce a 100% price increase. Or a 50% price increase. 

Either way... let's pretend we're a seller. Let's pretend we offer a buyer "lifetime maintenance" for their website for $5 a month. Now, let's pretend that 3 years later, we jack up the price 100% because we need to... <checks notes> align our pricing. Well, OK, Fiverr doesn't even really let you do subscriptions, but we're just pretending here. 

What would Fiverr do? That's right, they will cancel, because oh dear, TOS doesn't allow you to do that. 

Something for the leadership of Fiverr to consider, you might think, along with dealing with the rampant scammers in the inbox, but will they? 

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