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Your Design To-Do List: More Industries Added!

Logo Maker Team

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Fiverr’s Logo Maker team is always looking for new ways to help our designers (and buyers) succeed. We set out to find even more new industries to add to our database and we’re back with the results! 

Just as you’ve done with other forums announcing new industries, consider this list your design to-do list.

Take a scroll and see if you have existing logos that match any of these new businesses. If you do, retag and upload them! If not, use these trends to inspire your next designs.

Let’s get started!



Fashion & Apparel >

Hat Makers

Technology >

Software Company

Art & Design >


Media & Entertainment >




Explore the visual language for these new industry trends to inspire your next design!

1. New Industry: Hat Makers 




2. New Industry: Software Company  



Designed by dmitry_li and jeupereira

3. New Industry: NFT art 



Designed by unipen_team


4. New Industry: Gambling 



Designed by alonda and johnnythebold_


What do you think of this list? Do you have designs to match? Go back to your dashboard and upload them!

Be sure to tell us what other industries you’re hoping to see in the comments. Your suggestion(s) might be next!


Go To Dashboard >

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This is fantastic news! I'm excited to see Fiverr's Logo Maker Team continuously expanding its range of industries. The addition of Hat Makers, Software Companies, NFT Art, and Gambling as new sub-industries provides designers with fresh opportunities for creativity.

It's great to have a well-defined design to-do list, and I'm sure many designers will be inspired to either upload their existing logos or create new ones based on these trends. This not only keeps the design community engaged but also caters to the evolving needs of buyers.

As for future industries, I appreciate Fiverr's openness to suggestions. It would be wonderful to see industries related to sustainability and eco-conscious businesses, as these are gaining more attention in today's market. Keep up the excellent work, Logo Maker Team!

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On 10/12/2023 at 5:39 PM, ovisheikh said:

Thanks for the insights as always, much appreciated!

By the way, what is the process to get your logo limit past the 60 threshold?

 Hey! there is no process, we select sellers to upgrade on a monthly basis based on internal needs and overall performance. If you want to activate more logos I recommend pausing your least successful designs. 

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