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What Buyers Search 🆚 What They Buy #3

Logo Maker Team

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In keeping with our past practices, the Logo Maker team recently delved into understanding the relationship between buyers' search terms/briefs, and the logos they eventually purchase. Our objective is to continuously improve our grasp of their thought processes, which, in turn, enables us to assist designers (THAT MEANS YOU!) in improving offerings. Increased optimization directly correlates with greater sales opportunities!


Take a look at the latest findings below. Use them as a source of creative inspiration for your next design(s)!


Please note: The brand names mentioned below have been modified to ensure the confidentiality of our purchasers.


Buyer #1

What They Briefed:

Slogan: We move it for you

Industry: Moving services, transportation and automotive, delivery and shipping services

Tag: Truck, boxes, houses


What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by mrmouselogo


Buyer #2

What They Briefed:

Name: Upshield

Slogan: (empty)

Industry: ecommerce

Tag: Shiny silver armor, shield, lion, castle, Crest


What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by aestheticx


Buyer #3

What They Briefed:

Name: Psalm of Richard

Slogan: (empty)

Industry: writing_and_publishing

Tag: heart, hands, blood, right hand, song, broken heart, pen, hand


What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by alonda


Buyer #4

What They Briefed:

Brand name: Joe’s Mechanic

Slogan: Dream maker

Industry: Auto repair services

Tag: wrench, impact driver and wrench, cross, air impact wrench, socket


What They Ultimately Selected: 


Designed by wigi_wigel


Buyer #5

What They Briefed:

Brand name: AQUA VIBE

Slogan: (empty)

Industry: sport and fitness

Tag: beach, fish


What They Ultimately Selected: 


Designed by umuarus


Buyer #6

What They Briefed:


Slogan: (empty)

Industry: liquor-store

Tag: drink can, drinks


What They Ultimately Selected:  

Note: In this instance, this buyer opted for a custom variation instead of selecting the seller’s pre-made version, and they changed the color.


Designed by vanadium1st

Buyer #7

What They Briefed:

Name: Best dog training 

Slogan: dog training

Industry: Pet Training, Pet care services, Animals and Pets

Tag: dog


What They Ultimately Selected:  

Note: This buyer also created a new variation from the ready-made version, opting to alter the color.


Designed by vanadium1st

Buyer #8

What They Briefed:


Slogan: For youth and adults

Industry: health organization

Tag: shield


What They Ultimately Selected:  


Designed by alonda


Buyer #9

What They Briefed:


Slogan: (empty)

Industry: Real Estate

Tag: house, space, stars, space man, milky way, building


What They Ultimately Selected: 

The buyer chose to craft their own version as well, enlarging the logo to ensure it was proportionate to the brand name.


Designed by umuarus

Buyer #10

What They Briefed:


Slogan: swing it

Industry: baseball

Tag: baseball, baseball bat


What They Ultimately Selected: 

This buyer also created a new variation, changing the layout from vertical to horizontal.


Designed by igloocreative


What do you conclude from this look at the buyer’s journey on Fiverr? Do any of the end results surprise you? 

What insights would you like to see next? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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  • Logo Maker Team changed the title to What Buyers Search 🆚 What They Buy #3

It's fascinating to see the alignment between buyers' initial briefs and their ultimate logo selections. These insights can offer valuable guidance to designers like myself in understanding what clients are looking for. A few key takeaways from this analysis:

Specific Tags Matter: In many cases, the tags provided by buyers strongly influenced their final choices. For instance, Buyer #1's emphasis on "Truck, boxes, houses" led them to a logo featuring these elements.

Creative Freedom: Some buyers opted for customized variations, indicating a desire for uniqueness in their logos. This shows that while buyers may have specific ideas in mind, they are also open to creativity.

Alignment with Industry: It's clear that buyers often choose logos that align closely with their industry. This ensures the logo resonates with their target audience.

Simple and Clear: Logos with clear and straightforward designs, like Buyer #2's "Upshield," can be appealing. Buyers appreciate logos that instantly convey the brand's message.

Changing Layout: Buyers sometimes choose to alter the layout of a logo, such as moving from a vertical to horizontal orientation. This suggests flexibility in their preferences.

As a designer, these insights reinforce the importance of understanding the client's industry, adhering to provided tags, and offering options for customization. It's also a reminder that creativity within the given constraints can lead to successful logo designs.

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