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Remove Gigs From Search Results


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Algorithm systems remove gigs from search results for no reason. But when we talk about this, it is said that we have nothing in hand.
What is the opinion of the experts on this matter?

I want to know what they have nothing to do?

Can't find any trace of my gig for almost three months.

Special Note: There is no problem with my profile.
See the attached files.👇👇







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2 hours ago, mdbiplob360 said:

Algorithm systems remove gigs from search results for no reason...Can't find any trace of my gig for almost three months.

Since it shows you have 36 impressions in total in the last 7 days that shows that one or more of your gigs are getting shown in the search results to users (though not all that much). If you look at the impressions for each gig on the Gigs page you can see each gig's impressions.

You can also check this link https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/selling-on-fiverr/gigs/gig-not-found-when-searched

and select one of your gigs and that will tell you if a particular gig is in the search index or not and might give more info on the gig's status.

It can be that private reviews can have an effect on search result placement (but that's just one possibility).

But it could mainly be that the amount of competition from other gigs in your categories might make it much less likely that your gigs get shown often eg. there's >287,000 active gigs in Logo Design (though in your specific keywords there will be less results but there still will be lots of competition there).

In "create a modern clickable html email signature" it's showing 3 search tags. It doesn't always show them all there but if you've not specified the full 5 you could try adding a couple more to see if that helps increase impressions.

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1 hour ago, mdbiplob360 said:

1-2-5 impressions per day on my main gig sometimes goes to 0 impressions

Like I said it could be because of the competition in the logo design subcategory (or private reviews or something).

You could check that link like I said but if it gets some impressions on a day then it will be in the search index on that day.

Also you've deleted one of your gig and paused another. I'm not sure that will help increase overall impressions. It might decrease them further (if buyers might have searched for the other gigs).

You could try creating additional gigs in subcategories that have less competition from other gigs (but are still in demand) and see if that helps.

Also your 1s FAQ says:

What is the main difference between my Packages?
Good quality design for low price

I don't think the answer is really stating what the differences are between the packages. So changing that might help a bit.

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